Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wishcasting Wednesday: What do you wish to share?

As you can see from my storage room, I have a LOT that fits into Jamie Ridler's Wishcasting Wednesday question of the week: What do you have to share? 

Well, I'm sharing a lot... with the people of Goodwill.  :)  Good things, happy things... things. Things. THINGS.There are things that I don't need anymore, things out of style, things I didn't enjoy doing, things someone else will love. 

We haven't had a Goodwill store for very long.  Just a couple of years.  But I have done several cullings of my things... things that I have gradually released after our move eight years ago from our home of twenty-one years.  It was a traumatic move... one none of us wanted to make, but had to nonetheless.  A sad leaving for sad reasons.  But in the end, a freeing one, a better one that just took time and distance to see. 

Getting rid of all the THINGS was another story.  I held on to way too much and way too many things just to keep a connection no longer helpful.  Emotions that weren't healthy.  I wasn't a horder. Yes, I know that picture looks like I am, but moving from a 13 room house to a two bedroom apartment took some finesse, believe me.    

This is the last major sharing... well-timed with Jamie's question. The Goodwill trips are all about the odds and ends, the books and craft supplies someone else will love, clothes and the like. What am I sharing?  Supplies, fun, the joy that these items brought me when I got them, and love - of craft, of creating and of home.  :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wishcasting Wednesday: What do you wish to start?

According to my Wishcasting friend, Sunfire, Mercury is in retrograde (until August 7 btw) and I shouldn't be 'starting' anything.  :)   HOWEVER, I can RE-start things.  So for Jamie Ridler Studios Wishcasting Wednesday question this week, that is where I am concentrating my efforts.

Serendipitously, there has been a renewed interest in some beads I made a while ago and set aside.  They are fun and colorful and totally a joy to create; I will be making a lot more of those for my inventory.  I am also reviewing and beginning again on Halloween items about which I am VERY excited!!!  Dolls, artist books, ornaments, jewelry... all based on the "BOO".  :) 

Morning Pages, 'The Artist's Way' and two other Julie Cameron books (The Prosperous Heart and The Writing Diet) are being reintroduced into my daily routine.  (Thank you, Jamie, for the nudge!!)

Those are my RE-wishes for today... Thank you, Sunfire, for the perspective!  To those of you who read this post, may all of your re-wishes come true!  :)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wishcasting Wednesday: Who Do You Wish to Become?

Taken on my maternal grandparents' farm on a sunny June day in 1957, I looked like a very happy camper. At two and a half, I loved everything about that place... riding the horses, being outdoors, and, most of all, how happy I was. One of those Pollyanna-like kids, I did everything with flair. My paternal grandmother Lucy once lovingly remarked about my happy attitude, " There's Diana... why walk when skipping will do?" (a phrase later applied to my daughter) :)

As I grew up, there were a lot of loss, adult responsibilities at too young an age, disappointments, poor choices... all overshadowing the promise I'd had. I set aside my drive and ambition. I was overwhelmed and my happiness became a mask.

hen I had children. Two unexpected, wonderful amazing people. Miracles, born after my surgery and treatment. One right on top of the other, less than two years apart. Since their arrival, they have been teaching me that you can be happy, you can dream, you can still be that person you always thought you would be, only better, wiser, more content. I encouraged them to do what they love. Now adults, they drag me right along behind them, throwing me toward MY dreams and preaching my words back to me... never quit; do what you love; it's your turn now Mom.
Their persistence combined with their success has pushed me through the stubbornness, residual pain, and, yes, the unrelenting anger I'd felt that I'd squandered any chance of finding that dream again, that my life took such a turn and I was not brave enough to do any more than hang on. Forgiving others is easy; forgiving oneself is sometimes nearly impossible. But I have. Finally, I can honestly say, I have. 

Jamie Ridler asks this week on Wishcasting Wednesday: Who do you wish to become? I wish for myself to become the wiser embodiment of that innocent me, who knew beyond doubt that anything was possible and that you were allowed... encouraged even... to skip on the way there.

These Wishcasting Wednesday exercises have become a life-changer for me. I take my wishes into the week with me and work on putting them into practice, making them habit. And I take the thoughts of those for whom I am also wishing because their wishes make give me fresh perspective, as well as gratitude for them being on this journey with me, and me with them.