Monday, January 21, 2013

Keeping a better blog and entering the world of clay!

I've been away for a bit... blogging the last thing on my mind.  Some days I cannot believe how long it's been since I last posted.  Geez Louise!

But that doesn't mean I've not been busy... creating, destashing, designing and learning, learning, learning. My goal for 2013 was to improve upon my clay skills...  something I've longed to do forever, but thought was going to have to drive over an hour to attend classes.  But the Universe gifts... In December, I happened onto the Open Potter's Studio, met the extremely talented potter/teacher/friend Toby Fried and her trusty pup, Lily and I was on my way.  Honestly, I have not been this happy in some time. Artist Betsy Baltzer rounds out our trio of regulars and I pray that her color sense rubs off on me.

The funniest thing I've noticed is that, besides overcoming my unsuspected color issues (decades working in white as a bridal atelier will do that to you) was getting used to my hands being dirty.  Working with delicate fabrics meant no make up, no perfume, no hair products, and, most importantly, clean clean hands!  It felt weird to have clay all over my hands while I work.  But that took a teensy poof of time to get over.  I am no longer a member of the clean hands club.  LOL

When we moved in to our huge apartment, our friends helped us move 45 boxes of fabric and notions.  Those have been sewn or gifted down to two cupboards and several plastic tubs. I now find myself itching to buy glazes!  When I next move, will there be 45 boxes of those? 

So stick around for the misadventures of a new potter... I am quite excited to be among those who play in clay.