Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wishcasting Wednesday: What is your heart’s wish?

 Goodness, last week went fast!  It's Wishcast Wednesday again at Jamie Ridler Studios and today the lovely and talented Jamie is asking us "What is your heart's wish?"  

Just a simple little question but it's followed me around for hours... unanswered.  What IS my heart's wish?  Honestly, my true heart's wish is for my sister's son to be alive again.  Just 21, he passed 4 months ago in a car accident and we miss him terribly.  Since I am not able to perform Jesus' Lazarus miracle... I guess I have to rethink. 

After that, my Wiscast is what I've wanted for a long time: for Joe, me and babykitty to live in a wonderful big loft that also has a studio space where I can make my art and use my jewelry kiln and be a more successful selling artist.  Over a downtown storefront would be amazing, and in a city where I can sell my art.  Cincinnati, OH - to start - to be closer to our children and Charleston, SC, a city we love (they would visit).  Two diverse places, to be sure, but both where we all feel at home. 

Along with this home/career would be a granting of my children's Wishes so they can be happier.  They are happy now but if all parts of my wish came true, their true wishes would be fullfilled too.  Dream jobs, dream loves, dream homes/families. They are on their right paths now; I am just including their wishes into my Wednesday Wish to make dreams come true for my family.  As much as I can.  :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wishcast Wednesday: What do you wish for this summer?

Jamie at Jamie Ridler Studios asks an easy Wishcasting Wednesday question this week... What do I wish for this summer?

I am getting my wish... to move into a new art career full time.  Little by little, step by step... it's coming to be.  I have worked to change my outlook, rise above challenges, bloom where I was planted.  I've added meditation, vision boards and positive thinking to my daily routine... putting nothing out there that was negative.  It didn't take long before I could see changes. 

Sure there are people who think I'm a fruit loop; who think "nobody could be THAT happy".  But I am.  Content, driven, inspired, confident, brave, and, yes, THAT happy. 

So that is my wish this week... I wish to be a success at this new career path; it's rewarding and interesting and just plain fun!  It's do what you love and the rest will follow. 

Make your own wish and join me in the happy dance! 

Friday, June 15, 2012


Hello Bead People!!
for the full rules and description of the Bead Soup Blog Party.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wishcasting Wednesday: What belongings do you wish for?

I do have a list... I ALWAYS have a list.  But I don't always think I'm worthy of asking for things on my list.

But I have learned lately that being able to receive allows you to graciously help others... Thinking you can, or have to, do it by yourself just cuts off your tether to God. 

So in the spirit in which it's intended, here are my wishes today:

1. a reliable, safe and energy efficient car and the means to afford to keep it on the road.

2. a studio where I can use my kilns and torches and wirework tools.

3. my lower teeth repaired... my plate broke in two a month or so ago but due to my car issue (see above), I've yet to have them fixed.

4. new mattresses for my beds.

5. a new sofa that is as comfortable as the current one has been.

6. a white beadboard Original Workbox - google it... it will house my jewelry making supplies.

7. an iPad

8.  every color and type of miyuki bead on the planet

9. a good pair of walking shoes

10.  a home on the beach at Charleston, SC.

Raising this and the wishes of my friends up to the heavens.  :)  And as always, thank you Jamie Ridler for another great Wishcasting Wednesday!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Cool Jewels on a Hot Summer Day!

So what do YOU do on a hot summer day?  Head to the pool, work in the garden, putter around your home?  Make new jewelry? Why not? 

With Lark Jewelry & Beading's recent release, Making Wire & Bead Jewelry,
all it takes is a short amount of time to get hooked on the totally COOL craft of wirework!   

Can it really be that simple to add those bright summery beads to lengths of wire to make amazing jewelry that compliments the tropical colors of that favorite sarong, rockin' summer outfit or, dare I say...bikini? Yes, it really is! 

The book features an amazing 500 how-to photos as well as informative sections on tools, wire and how to get the best results from each. Not just beautiful visually, this book is a reference book that you will return to again and again when you want to add something special to your original pieces. In addition to wire techniques, you're shown a multitude of ways to use special beads. My personal favorite is the Woven-Wire Bead Pod, a spectacular showcase for those tiny shells and bits of sea glass collected from memorable days at the beach. Get an urban feel with the same piece by building your pod around mixed-media bits found as you go about your busy day. 

Beach Pebble Bracelet, a project by Janice Berkebile in Making Wire & Bead Jewelry
As an added plus, Lark Crafts website invites you to return to an April visit with authors/jewelry designers Janice Berkebile and Tracy Stanley.  Brought to you by Ray Hemachandra, who leads the Lark Books Jewelry & Beading team, this interview with the two creative owners of Wired Arts gives you an insight into the process that you, too, can learn to make dazzling bead and wire wonderfuls that rival runway accessories. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wishcasting Wednesday: What do you wish to delight in?

This is a short and easy Wishcasting Wednesday for me.  I wish to delight in my artist book and its tutorial being published in the Interweave Press magazine 'PAGES 2012' and for continued success in my art work. 

Also I wish to delight in the continued discovery and implementation of the ideas that the Universe gives to me.  I'm working toward being skilled enough to interpret them all... well, at least a goodly amount.  :)

Thank you to Jamie Ridler at Jamie Ridler Studios. Wishcasting Wednesday is such an inspiration; I look forward to each week.