Monday, March 9, 2009

FiberArtTraders Trade - Journal Wings

I recently was asked to take on the job of trade coordinator for one of my very favorite Yahoo groups - FiberArtTraders run by my dear friend, Normajean Brevik. The previous Queen of All Trades, the lovely and talented Deb McKenzie, left some unbelievably organized and artistic shoes to fill. However, never one to be afraid of a challenge, I jumped right in.
Since I had also not yet hosted a swap, the opportunity for that arose just this past month. It's open until next Monday on our wondeful list and my contribution is featured on the home page.
The base is hand-dyed wool from Moondance Color Company as are the wing-tips. Vintage buttons tacked at the top of little feather-shaped booklets cut from a vintage textbook on American History. An eyelet at the top allows for ring binding or a ribbon for individual display.
There are a lot of unique fiber trades - two a month - with technique weeks and challenges on the F.A.T. group. It's a membership group and newbies are always welcome. As soon as I figure out how to add a button for the link, I shall.

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  1. you are doing AWESOME! and so LOVEd your wing TRADE!! ;) smooches! xo~L