Monday, March 9, 2009

My work in Susan Lenz' January 2009 CyberFyber Exhibit

My ATC and PC were part of artist Susan Lenz' CyberFiber Exhibit held in January in Columbia, South Carolina. The snowy weather and extremely icey roadways kept me from attending but I was honored to be part of this exhibit that included fiberart from the world over.

The ATC is dedicated to all the seals in the world.
Jordan saw the original piece and said, 'you know, Mom, that section looks like a seal.'
So it became an homage to the cute - if contrary - little critters.
The background is created from fused organza fabrics with a cheesecloth seal.

My PC is made from geometric shapes pinked from Warm&Natural batting over upholstery silks, accented with bugle beads and size 15 delicas.

Thanks, Susan!
All featured fiber art can be seen and information about the 2010 exhibit found here:

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