Saturday, June 9, 2012

Cool Jewels on a Hot Summer Day!

So what do YOU do on a hot summer day?  Head to the pool, work in the garden, putter around your home?  Make new jewelry? Why not? 

With Lark Jewelry & Beading's recent release, Making Wire & Bead Jewelry,
all it takes is a short amount of time to get hooked on the totally COOL craft of wirework!   

Can it really be that simple to add those bright summery beads to lengths of wire to make amazing jewelry that compliments the tropical colors of that favorite sarong, rockin' summer outfit or, dare I say...bikini? Yes, it really is! 

The book features an amazing 500 how-to photos as well as informative sections on tools, wire and how to get the best results from each. Not just beautiful visually, this book is a reference book that you will return to again and again when you want to add something special to your original pieces. In addition to wire techniques, you're shown a multitude of ways to use special beads. My personal favorite is the Woven-Wire Bead Pod, a spectacular showcase for those tiny shells and bits of sea glass collected from memorable days at the beach. Get an urban feel with the same piece by building your pod around mixed-media bits found as you go about your busy day. 

Beach Pebble Bracelet, a project by Janice Berkebile in Making Wire & Bead Jewelry
As an added plus, Lark Crafts website invites you to return to an April visit with authors/jewelry designers Janice Berkebile and Tracy Stanley.  Brought to you by Ray Hemachandra, who leads the Lark Books Jewelry & Beading team, this interview with the two creative owners of Wired Arts gives you an insight into the process that you, too, can learn to make dazzling bead and wire wonderfuls that rival runway accessories. 

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